MAGNUS is an software development environment. It’s target is Debian platform, Command Line Inteface and programming languages below:

  • C/C++
  • Bash
  • Python

Why only Debian is supported?. Because resource is limited, focus one thing give higher quality. Debian is good environment for server but not client. In future, if GNU community make a good Desktop Environment and Debian become most common operating system then problem will solve. We write and run code in Debian, not other operating system. That’s hurt, but sorry for other brothers in GNU family, you aren’t supported.

Why only Command Line Interface is supported?. Because simplicity. With Command Line Interface, if you want to do something, just type <command>. With Graphic Interface, if you want to do something, you must open <window>, open <child-window>, open <granchind-window>, select <tab>, select <checkbox>, fill <textbox>, press <button> and etc. Command Line Interface save your life, give you time to do other work.

Why few of programing languages are supported?. Because Software Development Kit correspond with each language is large, include too many languages make package become huge. Other way, above languages is enough to do almost anythings. C/C++ for low-letency programming level. Bash for shell’s operating system programming level. Python for fast-implement programming level. If you use other languages, MAGNUS isn’t for you.

However, sometime you need to work with other programming languages, ATOM is suggestion. It is MIT License, graphic interface and support many many programming languages. ATOM here

With MAGNUS, you must spend long time to learn, but in long term, you will get benefit. If you haven’t few of weeks or months to learn, dont’t use MAGNUS, it will make you become crazy.

This document is mixed, include two parts. First is usage document for who wants to use MAGNUS. Second is development document for who wants to develop MAGNUS.