File description
File Type Summary S Quick manual S Content of license S Features history
env S Control Python virtual environment
ctl S Control development tasks
dev-requires.txt S Specify Python packages use for development
.travis.yml S Specify Travis operation
.gitignore S Specify git ignore files
_config.yml S Sepcify github page configurations
asset/ S Static resources such as image, videos, audio
doc/ S Source file of documentation
dsrc/ S Source files of dependency packages
src/ S Source files of program
test/ S Test functions
tool/ S Building scripts
.git/ S Metadata of Git
dest/ T Temporary build files of source
dist/ T Temporary build files of packaging
tsrc/ T Temporary source files of dependency packages
venv/ T Python virtual environment files
tmp/ T General temporary files
File type description
File type Description
S Source files, track by Git
T Template files


File name include regular files, links, directories must name follow regex expression:

File naming examples
Name Valid Yes No No No


Only UTF-8.