If you close buffer or repace current buffer by new file, MAGNUS save all of current buffer for you.

If you want to save buffers actively, you can use shortcut keys below:

Shorcut keys
Keys Mode Notes
<F9> NORMAL Save and close current buffer
<F10> NORMAL Save all of buffers
<F12> NORMAL Save all of buffers then exit


Close brackets if it is opened.

Auto-pairs examples
Input Output
{ {}
[ []
“” “”


Quick open files.

Shorcut keys
Keys Mode Notes
t NORMAL Open search window
<C>-c INMODE Exit open file mode
<UP>, <DOWN> INMODE Move cursor between files
<ENTER> INMODE Open file in current cursor

It open sub window, then user should type file name into input. If file name matched, it list file names. Enter to open file to current window.


Comment/uncomment selected block.

Shortcut keys
Key Mode Notes
cc NORMAL Comment selected block
cu NORMAL Uncomment selected block


Auto commplete.

Active conditions
Condition Operation
At least 2 characters is typed Open sub window and show suggestions
<DOT>, <COMMA> is typed Open sub window and show suggestions
Shorcut keys
Keys Mode Notes
<TAB> INMODE Select next suggestion
<S-TAB> INMODE Select prev suggestion
<UP> INMODE Select above suggestion
<DOWN> INMODE Select below suggestion
<ENTER> INMODE Select suggestion in cursor


Shorcut keys
Keys Mode Notes
<BS> NORMAL Start searching
<TAB> INMODE Select next result
<ENTER> INMODE Start selection mode: SELMODE
<TAB> SELMODE Move to position by characters


Some programming languages such as C, C++, Python... and data format such as RestructureText, HTML... are enabled to highlight now, but it is very very simple and keep for everything are distraction. MAGNUS will highlight keywords, macros, identities and strings, other things aren’t highlight.


On opening, if file <./tmp/session.vim> is exist, MAGNUS loads it as session restoring.

On exiting, if file <./tmp/session.vim> is exist, MAGNUS create session file and save to <./tmp/session.vim>. So you MUST create session file by command to allow MAGNUS auto save/load session. You can done it by shortcut key:

Ctrl + F12

In somecases, session restoring occurs some errors because functions, options, etc... no longer exist. For example: upgrade to new MAGNUS version. Then you MUST remove file <./tmp/session.vim> by toggle shorcut key:

Ctrl + F12

If <./tmp/session.vim> is early exist then MAGNUS will removes it else MAGNUS will create it. Then exit and re-open vim to allow everything work correctly.

Shorcut keys
Keys Mode Notes
<C-F12> NORMAL Toggle create/remove session file


Build and goto error wiht C/C++
Shortcut keys
Keys Mode Notes
<F5> Normal Run ”./ctl build”, open error window
<F7> Normal Goto prev error
<F8> Normal Goto next error


Shorcut keys
Keys Mode Notes
<TAB> NORMAL Open new tab
<TAB> NORMAL Select next tab
<C-TAB> NORMAL Select prev tab
<F2> NORMAL Start invoke bash commands
<F4> NORMAL Show ouput of prev bash commands